Wednesday, March 16, 2011


there are certain words i will definitely stray from using, because of the weight behind what they mean, and because i think that by saying them, i cheapen it, or it's not 100% honest.  that's why whenever i want to really say something, i have a hard time verbalizing it completely the way i want it to be conceptualized, because i'm always making sure i'm saying things as succinctly as possible.

similarly, whenever a situation may call for it, i use some choice words, because i think not doing so wouldn't be honest.  or maybe not the full picture of what i feel.  when you break it down, words are simply sounds that convey some sort of meaning, intrinsically, the way they sound aren't wrong in and of themselves.

i'll be the first person to say that people who use expletives every other sentence come off as either:

a) dumb, because usually their vocabulary will be limited to just these kinds of words and it just becomes repetitive after a while.

b) douchey, because i know of a lot of people who fit the "hey, look at how big and cool i am because i'm using tough language" type.

c) lazy, because they don't really take the time to think about what they're saying, and assume an f-bomb here and there will spice up their speech somehow.

i hate when people say things like "fudge", or "shiet" or "biatch"  it's just like muted truth to me.  it's as if they were saying, "oh, i didn't cross the line that you did, so that makes me all legit and holy and stuff."  it's kind of like when hot chicks get comments like "you're so pretty" on their facebook photos and they're all like "oh no! you are!", giving the whole false humility thing when it's probably obvious they're aware of their own hotness.  

now, i won't say that cursing is always acceptable, because yes, many of those words represent ideas and thoughts that are unwholesome and not uplifting.  sometimes they are disrespectful to that which is holy, or insulting to other people.  i'll be the first to admit, my usage of words sometimes fits in these categories and i have to catch myself sometimes when doing so.

but sometimes, there's no other way to express what you mean without a clean "what the FUCK".  anything else would make me question one's humanity, if they actually felt anything or lived their lives like drones.  a long while ago, something angered me completely, and as i talked to a divinity school graduate about it, he just told me to let it all out.  i felt like he understood at the core of it all, there's no use in pretending that what's in your heart isn't going to show up on the surface one way or another.

another time, i was with some people, when someone was fooling around with a gun, and the other person said to him, after pleading several times, "come on man, i'm not fucking around."  i had never heard this person say anything like that.  instantly, the point was taken, and the guy stopped what he was doing.

i suppose therein lies a possible solution, making sure to really economize one's usage of such words, so that when it is finally brought out in the open, it can highlight and make known that something serious is going down.

there were other things i wanted to mention i think but i've run out of thoughts due to the lateness, so you'll have to deal with my incomplete ramblings.

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