Saturday, March 19, 2011


i have a lot of ideas for stories.

some of them are taken from my past, other people's pasts, a mix of inspiration here and there from books, movies, and other media.

unfortunately, many of these ideas are unformed, or i guess to put it more clearly, they are episodic in nature.  they don't have a clear direction in terms of an overarching theme, and as such, they don't all fit together in a nice and neat way.

not that life in general is nice and neat, or that good stories have to have endings that make sense in the end, but i've come to realize that more and more endings are so critical to a good story.  a lot of times nowadays, it seems like a writer just runs out of gas towards the end, throws some ex post facto hocus pocus and boom, story ends.

it's easy to come up with ideas that are charged with a lot of emotion, but drawing purpose and meaning out of them is an entirely more difficult proposition.  all the blueprints in my head that i have seem to be just an amalgam of happenstances, making them work together will take a lot of thought.

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