Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday.

for good friday, i mashed up two songs from jars of clay and sufjan stevens, "liquid" and "to be alone with you"

i liked mashing up the songs because after listening to "liquid", what IS the one thing that i know?  i decided to answer that question using "to be alone with you" to describe it more fully.

yes i know the quartet part in the beginning looks a bit too fake...i don't really know what happened with the lighting inconsistencies...i'm kind of newb with that stuff.

here are the lyrics that i used:

arms nailed down
are you telling me something
eyes turned out
are you looking for someone

this is the one thing
the one thing that i know

you gave your body to the lonely
they took your clothes
you gave up a wife and a family
you gave your ghost

blood stained brow
were you broken for nothing
arms nailed down
he didn't die for nothing

to be alone with me
you went up on a tree
i never knew the man who loved me

hope you guys like it.


mia said...

interesting mashup! very original. i like!

mia said...

ps. i imagine this took u a really long time to record. good job! i like the strings in the beginning the best!