Saturday, May 14, 2011


i recently had a conversation with someone who has been a friend of mine for a while which kind of upset me to some degree.  there was an aspect of my life that was something i would not attribute to my own efforts but rather out of circumstance that was interesting to him, and although it was fine to open with a question about it, it seemed to consume his whole interest in talking to me.  during the convo (it was an online chat), i even wrote like at least 20 lines of text commenting on this whole other subject, and instead of even acknowledging that i said anything, proceeded to just ask more questions on what he wanted to know.

it's just disappointing when you believe that your friendship is deeper than just caring about surface level things that don't really matter, and it becomes apparent that the guy just cares about fulfilling his own agenda, as if you're kind of just there to be a source of entertainment or whatever.

maybe i'm cynical, but i keep coming across more and more people where it's not just that they aren't at that level of intimacy, it's that they really just see other people as a means to an end.  these kinds of people also the type to really just seek after meaningless things.  

and i'm annoyed because they keep wasting my time.

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