Tuesday, December 27, 2011

like that

my last entry on my lingo embellished on the term "gak", which clarified much of my speak currently.

but "like that" and its permutations have become a more common and often misunderstood phrase in my arsenal.  here is the entry that will attempt to explain its origins and its pervasiveness.

"like that" otherwise known as LT, first derived from "you like that", aka YLT.  as originally explained in an earlier post, this phrase comes from the movie rounders, where the main character sees his friend with an ace of spades tattoo, and the friend says, "you like that?!"  what the phrase is ultimately saying there is not only, "do you find this to be enjoyable?", but with a combined, "i know right?" as in, i know how awesome this is and this feeling of mutual like of this thing that we are enjoying is also pretty awesome.

so being the bros and gaks that we were in las vegas, in 2009, the phrase YLT was born.  it became shortened to LT, because it still retained its original meaning and was a quicker optimal way to say it.

however, LT became so widely used and changed up, that depending on how LT is said, it can mean a variety of things.  kind of like chinese tones, where different inflections can mean different things, LT can also take on a multitude of meanings.  LT?

normal - like aforementioned, it means to ask if someone likes something and to bask in the liking together.

greeting - usually just a regular "lt" online, not asking if anything is particularly liked, but more like a "do you like that i'm contacting you" type of thing.

high pitched - this is usually done after the person who says LT did something gute that the person hearing the LT will not like very much (either because it is done at the latter's expense or because the former is being annoying about a certain victory or such)  it is also used when the LT signifies something hilarious, as the high pitchedness gives it a certain comic effect.

low pitched and slow - this is the creepy LT, when someone says something kind of awkward on purpose and wants to create an even more awkward moment (probably having some sort of weird sexual undertone to it), only used among close friends as others will surely be weirded out.

other permutations:

there are other phrases that i have used that play on the LT phrase in recent times.

-LT - instead of LT this is a negative LT, aka i don't like that. (replaces IDLT)
LT+ - this is like a comment that likes something with the forcefulness of a like on facebook.

like how - this is a standard filler phrase that can go before any statement to kind of give it more emphasis. (sometimes to convey a sense of complaint)


"like how, this gak is annoying me so much."

"like how what are you up to tonight?"
"like how, i don't know."

like how like how - otherwise known as LHLH, illustrates when i used LH so often i didn't know what else to say after i said LH, so it just became LHLH.

LAG/WAG - like a gak, what a gak - this is used when someone is being particularly gak-like.

LIG - like it's gute, obv.

questions?  comments?  LT?

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